Colored LYRA-8

Some people asked us about orange, yellow etc. versions of LYRA-8 and we decided – “why not try to make an exclusive colored LYRA-8 batch?”
You can see on the pictures that we have orange, blue and grey versions along with well known white and black ones. We made it as trial units and think they are beautiful!
Other colours, like yellow, metallic, green etc. also possible.
If you would like a colored version, send a request to
[email protected] with the subject “Colored LYRA-8 request”, mention the color you want, the country of delivery and the phone number.
The colors that will get the necessary minimum number of preorders will be put to the production.
The colored batch will be made in RU division.
As it will be an exclusive batch the price will be + 25 Euros to the regular net RU price that you can check here:
Before making the batch, especially unpopular colors, we may ask for a partial upfront payment of 100 Euros, non-refundable, as a proof of your intention to get this version.