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      As a few suggestions to keep in mind with regards to logic:


      Make sure Project  Settings -> Synchronization is set up to your Arturia Controller, Clock, PDC, MTC, and MMC.


      And as the team has pointed out (I do not have the modules you mentioned yet, unfortunately, but do have a few modules, and a minibrute2) make sure your daisy chain is set up, and you are following suggested signal flow in the manuals and you should be set!


      Oh another area to make sure is set up to receive midi control values is in your preferences -> Midi – Reset Messages. Tick boxes where appropriate to your needs. Hope this helps, best of.



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        [Mixdown/Edit_v1] <span class=”soundTitle__usernameText”>±vMcÇ</span> Alien Diverticulitis [0of1]

        Would like any thoughts about any aspect of the mixdown. Does anything standout or cause ear fatigue? Or any thoughts would be appreciated.

        Pretty close to finishing this up, truly helped to find Soma along the way!

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          As this is an idea and not an actual project. I do hope it gets added o the projects section someday! -)


          Thought about the mention of music curation as well. Which falls back on deciding what sort of material to release. This part of a record label can either be outsourced or once again become a full-time job. Sue the team has noticed this after the last contest. 30+hrs of music submitted. The job in itself could be split between. A&r team/person, but that also is a concern to think of. Will the label want to help develop an artist’s career or looking for people slightly established to be a vehicle for their material to be released?

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            That’s wonderful news!

            Sure you all have a few departments already covered (accounting, legal, marketing, sales, & possibly executives in mind). Feel like a lot of small labels fall apart while note considering promotions, media, A&R, and a dedicated publicist.

            Often leaving 1 person to act as manager, promoter, agent, video director, graphic designer, PR officer, radio plugger, A&R, accountant, lawyer, distributor, webmaster, travel agent, secretary and errand person!

            Gathering people to help with  the public relations and advertising seem to be the downfall of most small labels. Unless primarily focused on smaller releases on bandcamp.

            Will artist come with unsolicited material that needs to be mastered? Will the label have a exclusive mastering engineer?

            As for the content to be released, will it be a certain lane/genre or compilations?

            Will artist have a say so in promotional spending?

            Signed artist might work under  a single release contract, or will the label look to acquire a few select artist to be signed for several releases?

            How will earning be split between artist and label?


            Don’t’ expect answers to all of these, just throwing things out to be discussed.


            Excited for this, and will be glad to lend a hand as part of the team or as a Artist!

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              Not sure why this post is being moderated, but wanted to add to this conversation:


              Any thoughts on what genre the label will focus on?


              I’d suggest Electronic/Expermintal/Leftfield


              as these will allow a pretty wide range of submissions.

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