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      Me again…

      I think, I found an answer on page 7 of the manual…

      “This function has one feature that makes its effect on the operation of the ORNAMENT more complex: at the time of removing the voltage from X2 and disconnecting the additional capacitor from the main capacitor, some voltage may remain on it if the disconnection occurred during the phase of cell activity.“

      From this, I conclude, that in order to make X2 initially work, the destination cell also has to be avtivated!

      So you probably cannot pass on the X2 storage-voltage and release it later in the sequence.

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        Addendum: Maybe @Jon used the wrong cable?

        Unlike with LYRA‘s CV-inputs, I use EXT IN with a TRS-stereo cable (2×3.5mm plus adapter).

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          I have tried my iPad‘s Garageband drumset as an external source.

          There was actually no problem in processing the signal.

          It goes directly to the delay/distortion unit of LYRA.

          You just have to make sure to feed it into LYRA with an adequate volume level (in case of the iPad, more than 90%, so LYRA‘s voices would not drown it).

          I sometimes run into the problem though, that LYRA‘s delay unit seems to become „stuck“ as in: no delay discernible anymore. Then I have to turn the FEEDBACK knob all the way clockwise until it kicks in again and starts to self-oscillate. Now turn it back to desired level.

          Don‘t know why it sometimes gets „hung up“…

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            Hello Herwig,

            the way I understand the concept, those sensors do not only control the intensity of the voice played, but also trigger an envelope each time you make contact.

            So what you are asking for would mean to separate these two essential elements.

            But to a certain degree you can still control the intensity of each voice-pair with the „SHARP“ knob. And of course arrange voices with the „FAST“ knob and using coins…

            Otherwise, I think your wish to control the 8 amplitudes individually reaches a boundary of LYRA that asks for alternative ways of approaching the instrument‘s sound design.


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              Hello James,

              also being new to these kind of meditation exercises, I have been and still am facing the same ‚problems‘ that you describe in your post.

              To fade out the internal dialogue? Well, it sounds funny, but why don‘t you start by using the QO just for this to begin with.

              For me, it helped lying down. The first time, I even fell asleep, but hey? If that‘s what my body and soul needed? So be it!

              So, lie down, and switch the QO on. Let the sound pull you in. Don’t THINK about what you want to achieve or about any internal dialogue you would like to stop…

              Think about the new world or sphere of sound that embraces you. Listen to the different nuances and rhythms that surround you.

              For me, it helped switching off the internal dialogue!

              Then you can proceed with the exercises.

              Pls let me know, if this was of any help….

              Best regards, Daniel

              Oh about the time schedule… I think, it does not matter.

              If you feel like diving in, then do it. Don’t give yourself in to another enforced outside structure of regulations.

              My sessions always last about 30 minutes, but not because I plan it that way. It just turned out to be my time frame 🙂


              Happy diving!


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                when I just read about your kid falling asleep with a smile on his face, I had to smile myself, because the same thing happened to me yesterday and I am a little older…

                It was my first session of exploring the QO and I was deeply immersed in finding layers and sound structures according to paractice no.1. And it also worked quite well which was very satisfactory! But then, as I discovererd a very very deep sonorous layer and suddenly thought I heard a sound which somehow resembled a cat‘s meow,

                I must have fallen into the deepest and most refreshing slumbers.  When I awoke, I felt a little embarrassed for this was not the effect, I had planned to experience…

                But what do we know? Maybe that was exactly what me and my body and mind needed. Why make up rules of expected outcome? Let the journey be, what it is…


                Greetings to all fellow travellers!

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