Martin Gore “Depeche Mode”

I have enjoyed experimenting with my LYRA-8. Getting some cool sounds. I like the way it encourages you to create music in unusual ways too.


Trent Reznor “Nine Inch Nails”

We’re certainly living in a golden age of synthesis.  The sheer number of boutique manufacturers of physical gear, truly excellent software and endless options available make for a truly unlimited palette of sonic possibilities.  Over the last several years I’ve found myself creatively responding to the concept of an instrument.  Maybe it’s the limitations to work around, maybe it’s aesthetics, maybe it’s the adaption of workflow… maybe it’s a little of all of these, but I’ve really come to appreciate something with a personality and defined concept.

The LYRA-8 is exactly that.  It’s not necessarily what you’re expecting, it has it’s own agenda at times, but it’s an actual instrument that rewards spending time with it.  Smart design decisions provide uniquely expressive possibilities in an unassuming presentation.  Atticus and I make a point to keep everything in flux in our studio, with gear always changing to keep us rethinking things and never getting too comfortable.  The LYRA-8 is one of the few “permanent” hookups.
Thank you SOMA for the inspiration!


Alessandro Cortini “Nine Inch Nails”

One of those that leave a mark.


David Kronemyer

“It’s very ingenious and has immense sonic potential. Thank you for creating and selling such a marvelous device!”



“This is an amazing instrument and capable of far more subtlety and nuance then I could have ever imagined. Although I am getting great results from it I feel like a child learning the violin for the first time.”


Sylvia Massy

My experience with the Lyra is eye-opening and inspirational. It is a synthesizer that interfaces directly with the player. With every turn and twist and tap, new amazing sounds come forth. Sounds that defy comprehension. Sounds that cannot be imagined. It is a machine creature that is alive and connects directly to human emotion. The Lyra is unexplainable yet it is real. It must be touched and heard to be believed.


Ritual Heaps

The Lyra feels like it came into reality direct from my subconscious.
The Lyra has reinvigorated my creativity. I feel like it’s a living thing and I’m building a relationship with it. You’ve created something truely wonderful.


Paul Nagle

“Awesome fun to play! Lyra has given me a whole new perspective on what I want from a synthesizer. No turning back now ;)”



It sounds better than in the demos! The build quality is extremely impressive. It looks beautiful. It’s very intuitive and easy to play straight away but, it’s still different enough to feel like I’m exploring new ground.

I can already see that I’m going to love crafting evolving soundscapes with this thing. It really excels at creating exciting sounds.


Dominik Müller (Furanum Records)

The Lyra 8 is just amazing, sounds crazy and fits perfectly to my own or Uncto’s upcoming projects and live acts. It is a quality synth, very good work!


Nobot (Parvati Records)

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful instrument. I love everything about it – the build quality feels nearly unreal (the opposite of modern products) and the knobs are so damn enjoyable to tweak compared to the countless other knobs in my studio 🙂 The sound + the architecture are just outstanding. I love how this feels like a real instrument, not a synthesizer – I have to handle it, not to play it. I love how it’s also possible to get beautiful and musical related stuff out of it, didn’t expect to have such a useful range! And the FM/Delay/LFO-part is without words, there isn’t much out there (probably nothing) that can do this. The only sound colour that could be kind of comparison was produced 50 years ago by EMS and other old-school guys….

So thanks for giving us this beautiful instrument in 2017! And thanks for selling it for this price, it’s a VERY good money-to-fun-ratio.



The Lyra-8 is a wonderful piece of masterwork and I love it!



Beautiful instrument. You can definitely see how much passion and knowledge has been put into this device. I love the idea that each time you sit in front on it eand move knobs, you get new and exciting sounds. And the way how you interact with the instrument feels very organic. You feel like you dealing with some magical box.
I really love this instrument. You can explore new territories of sound far above well known musical horizon. I highly recommend it for everyone who is searching for a new sonic palette.
Congratulations to all SOMA crew.


Павел Михайлов (Pavel Mikhailov)

Lira-8, in my opinion, is the most daring and special novelty that has appeared against the backdrop of the global “analogue renaissance” of recent years. Despite the fact that the design most likely refers to early electronic musical instruments and suggests use primarily in improvisational music, in writing experimental compositions and sound design, it was not conceived as a mainstream synthesizer (as opposed to instruments where it is important to get as quickly as possible typical, “formal” sound), all the same, Lira sounds completely relevant and can be used in any direction of music from sonorous compositions to industrial trap.

The tone of Lyra initially has a kind of surrealism, primitive aggression, at the same time flexibility and plasticity. The tool contains a large supply of suspense, I think the possibilities here depend to a large extent on the owner’s imagination and skills. Lira requires a thoughtful attitude, then the results can be surprisingly diverse. However, I am sure that nothing will hinder to play for hours without having any idea of ​​how the synthesizer works.

Separately, I note that the synthesizer is made very high quality, in the spirit of the classic analog instruments of the 70s. Everything from the materials used, potentiometers and ending with the packaging and description is thought out and executed perfectly. This is really a serious debut for the author, suggesting an equally interesting continuation. Let’s see what the future will bring …


Glenn Keteleer aka “Radical G”

Probably the best distinctive sounding synth ever.
It is very unique, very authentic and stunning! 


Peter J Lehman. Visible Sound, LLC

I absolutely love it! It’s so different than anything else I own and I’m finding it really inspiring to create new textures and sounds with. It’s built so well, too!


Lloyd Cole

A wonderful instrument to learn (or aspire to). It did take me 20 years to have any kind of idea of what I do on the guitar so, no promises. But here’s hoping – it’s like nothing else I’ve played


red-garlic / yucca tree records

It sounds like nothing I heard/played before… So unique and so intuitive – very inspiring!
Congratulation for this piece of art work and engineering – also the built quality is excellent.


Damien Vandesande

Really in love with it, such a unique instrument, thank you for creating it and letting us having a hand on it!



I purchased my Lyra around a month ago, and since then, my entire music direction has changed in a way that excited me more than ever. I now have randomness, and an instrument I can truly play. I create techno, but to have these organic sounds at my disposal has taken me away from hours of programming (which I still enjoy) and allowed me to freeform jam. Adding a mesmerising layer to my productions.


‘Unctuous’ [Furanum records]

That’s the monster analog sound. Thanks to Vlad, the creator of this instrument and owner of Soma Synths in Moscow, we have a perfect tool for our production requirements as well as for our live acts.