SOUDABO is an audio-plastic performance for five gravitational synthesizers and one live body.

SOUDABO (Sound, Dance, Body) – “Audio-plastic” means using the human body as an intuitive musical interface to control analogue synthesizers. Moving the body and its extremities creates dynamic rhythms and abstract analogue soundscapes.

SOUDABO requires the human body to move around and explore the stage. Every performance is unique and integrates the individual characteristics of the surrounding environment.

SOUDABO is a study in reducing the distance between musician and machine, in merging the player with his instrument. All sound generators are connected directly to analogue controllers and sensors attached to the human body. It’s mechanical-analogue synthesis, and part of the sound is produced in the sensors themselves.

All synthesizers and electronics have been designed and built by That Black for SOMA Laboratory.

That Black is Vlad Kreimer – Ukrainian/Russian sound artist, radio and audio engineer. He produces experimental electronic music and has also worked together with pop artists. He is responsible for a total of 40 releases worldwide since 1998 on CD, vinyl and tape.