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    We are happy to announce we found a way to implement some MIDI in functionality! Terra firmware version 1.4:

    Added “OmniChord” mode.
    While setting MIDI mode (L+Y(TUNE)+H(Parametric Hold)) press ECHO sensor for toggling “OmniChord” mode on\off.
    When the mode is on it receives notes from the MIDI IN on the channel that is set as Terra MIDI channel number (see MIDI OUTPUT)
    and assign it to TERRA sensors from 1 to how many keys you pressed simultaneously.
    This way, you can turn TERRA to a harp that changes its tuning according to the harmony of your composition.
    You can connect a MIDI sequencer that sends to TERRA notes of the current chord, using up to all 12 TERRA’s sensors
    with octaves, 7th and all richness and just make a stroke across the notes sensors and TERRA will play in the perfect tune
    with your composition.
    After powering on TERRA, the “OmniChord” mode is in off state (default state).

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