• PULSAR-23
      The new PULSAR-23 Bass Drum module Hi Pulsar owners! 1) If your Pulsar has a higher serial number​ than the ones below it already has the new BD option (BD version and you can start using it by flipping the switch on the PCB inside: White - P23WEU0699 Black - P23BEU0982 Orange - P23OEU0837 Zanzibar - P23ZEU0024 Pink - all Green - all Pacifist - all Yellow - all White, Black, Red / Gold - all The BD oscillator restart switch is in the bottom-left corner of the PCB. In the up position, marked as STAB, the BD oscillator will restart on each BD trigger. In the down position, the BD works in the original Pulsar mode. To make the restart function work stable, ATT knob must be in the minimum or very close to it. REL must be short enough to decay before the next triggering. Triggering velocity must be close to the maximum. In some settings stability may also depend on TUNE knob position. 2) Installing the new BD module in older Pulsars We are still in the process of establishing installation procedures for all versions of older Pulsars. To find out which version you have, open up your Pulsar by removing the 8 screws on the back and lifting up the back plate. On the BD module there will be a version number. Currently we know that Pulsars with BD version are compatible with the new BD module. You just need to remove the existing board and replace it with the new one like this: First you need to remove the current BD PCB. Using a tweezer you need to release the four latches by squeezing them. Then you pull the BD board up by pulling on it equally on the top and bottom sides. Install the new BD board carefully by pressing the opposite edges down equally. 3) Older BD versions We are currently in the process of learning how to install the new module in older BD versions. Please contact [email protected] with your BD version or send a photo of your current BD board for more information.
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