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Lord Blobbie’s Bible of THE PIPE

Maximum input voltage : 2.5V p-p

Input impedance: 250 kOhm

Nominal output voltage: 2V p-p

Maximum output voltage: 9V p-p

Output resistance: 150 Ohm

Supply voltage: 12V DC

Current consumption: 80 mA

Weight of handheld part: 840 grams

Cable length from PIPE to breakout box: 4 meters

In the kit: PIPE, breakout box, cable, PSU.

If you buy from RU division, the kit also contains adapters for a mic stand and a neck strap.

THE PIPE manual art version (ENG)
In collaboration with the amazing designer and text stylist Dustin Lauffer, we created an alternative version of the manual for THE PIPE. The manual not only has a unique design, but is also designed specifically for mobile screens. 

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