New SOMA contest for designers!

Dear SOMA friends,

You know how we like to come up with activities and contests for you, and that we also love to reward you with prizes:) If you’re into graphic design and fashion, this contest is for you!

We will print new SOMA t-shirts soon, and want to give the talented designers among you the opportunity to showcase your best work!

The conditions are simple:

1. create a mockup of T-shirts with your design(s).
2. fill out this form and upload your file(s) in PSD or vector format.


1st place: a new design T-shirt + THE PIPE
2nd place: a new design T-shirt + RoAT
3nd place: a new design T-shirt + RoAT
4-5: a new design T-shirt + ETHER

Deadline: Febraury 15, 2023
We will announce the results of the competition Smarch 1, 2023:)

Good luck!

*Remember that by participating in the contest, you give SOMA Laboratory the rights to use the results of your intellectual activity at its own discretion.

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