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UTILITIES contains a set of simple auxiliary modules to expand the functionality of the PULSAR-23 drum machine. UTILITIES modules can also be used with any gear that works with CV signals (Eurorack, semi-modular synthesizers, etc.).

The modules included in UTILITIES can be divided into two groups:
1) Passive elements such as switches, resistors, capacitors.
2) Various types of amplifiers and waveshapers, linear, non-linear, controlled and uncontrolled.
Passive elements are designed to expand the possibilities of switching and controlling the PULSAR.

Linear amplifiers are needed when you need to feed a signal from a device operating in a lower voltage format to the PULSAR inputs. For example, it can be a step sequencer with an output voltage of 5 volts, while the PULSAR needs 10 volts to fully trigger the drum modules. Or it could be the output of a cassette tape recorder, which has an output of 1 volt, while for normal operation the PULSAR needs an input level of an audio signal of 5 volts. Non-linear and controlled amplifiers and waveshapers are designed to control the signal level, while simultaneously changing its spectrum, distorting its shape and adding harmonics. The circuitry of these amplifiers is very simple and based on the early developments of the transistor era, with its inherent beauty and grace.

UTILITIES comes in two different versions:
1) with PULSAR-23 style turrets designed for connecting alligator clips.
2) with screws instead of pins. Also designed for connecting alligator clips, just a more affordable (see PRICE & AVAILABILITY) and different look than the turrets.

There are also adapters for 3.5mm Eurorack mini-jacks. The top panel and enclosure of UTILITIES are made of PCBs, which significantly reduced the cost of the device.
The top panel and enclosure of UTILITIES are made of PCBs, which significantly reduced the cost of the device.

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