ILLUMINATOR is currently available only from SOMA Russian production department.
The net price (without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses) – 144$ or 137 Euros. 

The total price including shipping and handling to most countries, money transfer fees and VAT depends on the country of delivery. We will specify the exact price when we receive your shipping address.

Payment is available with Payoneer.

Delivery from Russia to other countries is carried out using the EMS international postal express network and, at the request of the buyer, can be insured against delays or losses.

You can buy ILLUMINATOR by writing us an e-mail at [email protected]  with the subject “ILLUMINATOR order” and your full name, address and mobile phone number (needed for courier delivery) in your mail. 

ILLUMINATOR is available for purchase through SOMA EU as well and will soon be available in shops.

For the moment, you can sign up on the waiting list and be among the firsts who will get the synth from SOMA EU, by dropping us a mail at by filling out our Form.

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