Specs & manual / Dvina

The neck has length 93cm. The scale lenght is 51cm. Dvina itself weighs 1.1kg. My DVINA is tuned C#, G#, but other tunes are possible and using strings with another gauge as well. We use flat wound electric guitar strings (3d and 4th). Cello strings I think have to work as well (need to try). Dvina is made of a single piece of beech.

Dvina has a high output ~1v peak-to-peak, ready to be connected to any kind of stompboxes, guitar amps or an audio interface.

In the kit, there are also a high-quality soft bag , reliable sturdy case and a set of strings. A bow is not included. The full weight of the kit with the bag and the case is 3.5kg.

Different colors are available.

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