Reviews / Lyra8-FX

Jam with Lyra FX


I use LYRA8-FX quite often to give an analogue VST flair to instruments. The drive effect in the 50% mix position is very cool for the 808.


I’m really impressed with this module. I love having the extensive CV control. Using carefully thought out CV sources (phase shifted LFO’s for example) can yield extremely pleasing results. Especially when you consider that this isn’t a typical delay effect. The Lyra imparts an almost antique timbre onto a source signal that I find to sound beautiful.

One Man Nation aka Tara Transitory

The delay sounds very very nice, thank you for making this super module, its one of the most special sounding delays I’ve heard in Euro.  If not for the noise on longer delay times, I would believe it if someone told me its an analog delay from the 70s.


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