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Verstrahlt – Leif Müller testet SOMA Laboratorys Ether V2

Seán Ó Dálaigh

I honestly think the Ether has changed the way I look at the world. I have used circuit sniffers before but this is completely different. It influences the way I experience landscape. The Lyra is a real instrument as opposed to simply being a synthesiser. Likewise, the Ether should not be classified as merely an induction microphone. Despite being extremely complex technical creations, they both immediately access intuition.

Ethan Persoff

Took the Soma Ether out for a night! There seems to be no end to what sounds can be caught with this wonderful EMF receiving ‘anti-radio’ from Soma Labs / Vlad Kreimer. Just received the Ether from Russia via USPS this morning. Here’s raw audio of an hour in downtown Austin.

Only had it for a day but finding it’s very variable. In quieter environments, Ether can find produce/receive very calming ambient tones and purr along with some very polite static and reception. You can play it like a theremin, too, attenuating and gesturing on a signal frequency, and loop on something (or a device) til it fades out of reach. But this is a demo of how loud and nicely argumentative it can be as a noise source outside among a lot of activity. It feels like a nice audio photograph of the evening and street.

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