SOMA Laboratory worldwide

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(purchase, general inquiries, tech support)

SOMA Laboratory Europe

[email protected]
Grzegorz Lacek – director of European division

SOMA Laboratory Russia

[email protected]
Vitaly Zhidikov – director of Russian division

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Dvina project: Vsevolod Grigoriev, Victor Grigoriev

[email protected]
Vlad Kreimer – creator and leader of the laboratory

[email protected]
pr and communications

[email protected]
Regina Volkova – SOMA Labs Music label manager

Zoom introduction to SOMA gear

Just bought your first SOMA synth and not sure how to hook it up? Or thinking about buying a SOMA instrument but concerned it will be too complex? Book your appointment now for a SOMA Synths 101 Zoom session via this form and tell us a little bit about yourself, your current musical activities and your hardware setup. We will let you know if you are a match for a Zoom session with one of our friendly Soma reps. This is a free service we offer exclusively to the musicians out there just getting started and those who are new to the world of hardware synths, these are not workshops for advanced users. Language options: English, Dutch, Swedish.

Please note this is a pilot, so we will be actively reviewing how it goes and whether it works in this form. This means we reserve the right to change it as needed, or cancel it if it does not live up to our and our customer’s expectations. Sessions are free of charge, by appointment only, and limited to 40 minutes or less.

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