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«Drifting memory station» …. there was no better way to describe an effects device like this. Apart from the sober reviews, I write here as a “veteran” ambient artist of the early hour….. namely, just as intuitively as the device wants to be operated. The COSMOS seems to me like an independent and interacting “friend”, which contains a soul and a soft heart in its robust housing.

Due to my musical style, I have always been looking for a “partner” to whom I give sounds and who does not pick them apart, chop them up, override them or otherwise change them according to a fixed program structure, but who interacts with me and “feels” what I want, what I need and what goals I pursue. The COSMOS is therefore a gift to myself that meets and even exceeds all my expectations.

Designed by visionary engineer VLAD KREIMER, the COSMOS is much more than just an “effects device” with reverb and delay, but a “drifting station” in the truest sense of the word. This means for me: I put a very personal musically sensitive energy into it and the device follows my path, my thoughts. All three algorithms work very cleanly, click-free and above all, the sometimes endless loops are without cracks, which is emminently important for my compositions, in order neither to stop nor interrupt the flow of energy. So the COSMOS is the device I’ve always been waiting for and which is just perfect for ambient music(s).

Review by GuitarPlayer

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

Just sit with COSMOS and all your problems will melt away. _________________

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