Price & availability / Enner

Enner is still in development.

The estimate net price is 500 Euros.

Despite this is just the very beginning, you can drop us a mail to [email protected] with feedback or inform us about your interest in such machines and we will put you to the waiting and mailing list. So you will be one of the first owners of ready synths. Please put to the subject line “ENNER” and mention the country where you want the synth to be delivered to and your phone number for courier delivery.

As SPAM and ad filters work now very hard some of our clients can’t get our letters when their units are ready to be delivered. So we recommend to provide us with an additional way of communication (FB messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc.) that we can use if we will not be able to reach you via e-mail.   We respect your privacy and will do the utmost so that this is not be used, or distributed in any way.

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