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ENNER is manufactured in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

The net price (without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses):

– 680 EUR if you buy from European production division (bank transfer, PayPal, Wise or MoneyCorp or any other payment platforms you wish).
– 550 EUR if you buy from Russian production division. 

ENNER optional accessories (the net price):
Soft case 45 Euros

For orders from SOMA RU: the total price including shipping and handling to most countries, money transfer fees and VAT depends on the country of delivery. We will specify the exact price when we receive your shipping address. Please note, we can’t estimate your country’s custom fees and local duties and don’t have responsibility for your local custom processing!

To help you estimate your total cost, here are some examples:

ENNER+Shipping+Handling+Insurance+Banking fees (on the seller’s side)
Central Europe ~ 720 Euros
USA ~ 750 USD (depends on exchange rate)
Taxes on the buyer’s side are not included and can not be estimated!!

You can buy ENNER, by filling out our Form.

Please, notice: by filling out this form, you agree to our privacy policy. You can read it below.

Another way: Drop us an e-mail at [email protected]  with the subject “ENNER order” and your full name, address and mobile phone number (needed for courier delivery) in your mail. Also, please, specify what colour of ENNER you prefer (we have black and red versions please see the photos in DESCRIPTION).

For purchase from SOMA EU: [email protected]

The reason we ask for a phone number (for FB messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc) is that spam filters unfortunately cause some of our emails to not reach our customers. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with any external parties.

After a while, ENNER also will be available in our partner shops around the world.


  1. ENNER is a body-patching synth. It means that some weak current flows through your body. The voltage applied on the pads does not exceed 12 volts and is absolutely safe for humans and animals. It is just slightly more than the voltage in the PP3, E-Block battery that’s typically used in children’s toys. For the majority of people, it doesn’t cause any sensations in their fingers, except for some subtle ones that may happen in some patches. We consider these sensations to be a normal side effect, just like playing guitar can cause calluses on your fingertips. However, some people can be more sensitive to electricity and may experience unpleasant sensations while playing ENNER. Please note that we don’t accept the experiences of sensitive users as a case of faulty hardware or warranty case. If you are one of the exceptionally sensitive people out there, perhaps a body-patching synth is not a good choice for you. Please consider this when making your decision about purchase. Also, if you have a cardiostimulator or similar medical device installed in your body, please consult with your doctor before buying and using ENNER!
  2. ENNER uses pots shafts as additional contacts for patching. This is not a standard usage of pot construction and is designed without a guarantee of constant and good contact between pot shaft and pot body where the signal is connected. So during the rotation of the pots some crackles may happen once in a while if you use the pot as a sound output at the same time. As this function is experimental we don’t accept the presence of such crackles as a reason to consider your unit faulty and open a warranty case. Also, several turns of the pot back and forth usually makes the contact good again. Bottomline, this is an experimental function and an unusual usage of pot construction, so we hope for your understanding when it comes to the pots’ performance and the unique functionality our innovative approach offers.
  3. ENNER uses a PCB as the top panel. The PCBs are produced in an electronics factory using standard production procedures. Due to this, the PCBs may have minor scratches and marks inherent to the manufacturing process. Such small defects will be almost invisible in most cases without a close inspection and will not be accepted as a reason for return or exchange of the product! Obviously, we discard all seriously damaged or defective PCBs and don’t use them for Enner.

Also, you could order a hand-painted ENNER with an exclusive design. More info is here. Available only from SOMA RU.

Payment can be made safely and securely with Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

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