Anthony Child aka Surgeon

I’ve had some time to play with the SOMA Terra and I can say it’s a truly unique instrument. Firstly it sounds great but I’m starting to recognise that the best thing about Terra is the way that it invites me to physically interact with the instrument to make music. Something that I think is a core SOMA philosophy. The velocity and pressure sensitive sensors allow such a huge range of expression and are very playable in a really intuitive way. It continues to delight and surprise me and I look forward to performing and recording with it for a long time to come.


Since TERRA has arrived, I haven’t stopped playing with it… TERRA has gone  way beyond my highest expectations for this genius instrument. The connection with the nervous system is so complete and the complexity of the timbres… wow!! Truly exquisite!! This instrument demands that one discovers its endless subtleties and sophistication through an interface so easily explored while also being beautiful and sensuous. TERRA is a giant among the rest. Congratulations on making such a truly unique and exciting instrument!

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