Dear SOMA friends,
We recently made the decision to transfer our beloved SOMA Zanzibar project to new owners. What we built up through the years will remain under a new name, as will the 30 permanent jobs we created. Contributing to the local economy of Zanzibar was one of our goals with the project, and in this regard we can proudly say it was a success. However, it was also a long road in ‘interesting times’ such as, but not limited to, the Corona pandemic with its travel bans and restrictions, just as we were ready to launch it to the wider public. After almost three years of preparation, renovation, building local relationships, building a team, and many events that took place there, it became time for us to transition the project to new ownership. It’s a bittersweet farewell, because we would have loved to see how it would have developed had Covid not paralyzed world travel for such a long period, followed by recessions and skyrocketing ticket prices.

All of us at SOMA owe a huge thanks to Grzegorz Lacek for spearheading this huge project and dedicating himself to bringing it to successful completion. It’s really amazing what he accomplished, especially considering all the obstacles. On this FB page you can see the story of our island paradise: SOMA Zanzibar Hotel.

SOMA ZANZIBAR, we will miss you.
*photos by Pio Mars

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