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Martin Gore “Depeche Mode”

I love the way the Pulsar-23 sounds and how it pushes your brain to try out different approaches. A very creative tool.

Paul Waaktaar Savoy “A-HA”

Such a fun and cool machine. Sounds nice and gritty, and it’s a perfect way to go when I’m looking for happy accidents. Keep up the great work.

Charlie Clouser

I hesitate to call it a drum machine, because it’s so much more than that, but the Pulsar-23 is the most interesting and unique device I’ve used in…. well, forever.  Wildly different, and capable of everything from delicate cinematic pulses to ridiculous over-blast noise art, Soma Laboratory has created something really special here.  From power electronics to film scores, this thing will add something new and unique to your music every time you turn it on.  One million thumbs up!


The Pulsar-23 is one of the most innovative drum machines I have ever come across. The interface is like an interactive playground inviting the user to experiment and explore live circuit bending and patching as no machine has done before. The results are absolutely astounding and completely wild! The feature set on the Pulsar is so unique, and the way you can create new rhythms on the fly is out of this world. This is the ultimate live performance machine, best gear of 2019 for me!

Eugene Filatov (The Maneken, ONUKA, Jamala)

The possibilities of Pulsar-23 are amazing. Functionality, flexibility and versatility together with its excellent sound make it an absolute favorite among rhythm machines and drum synthesizers. 

Anthony Rother

The sound of this machine is magnificent. It’s raw in a high definition and has a sweetspot like the whole universe. I immediately fell in love with Pulsar. The build quality is awesome and tweaking the knobs feels like creamy butter. Everything I wanted to do worked from the beginning and so I recorded last night at home already a jam track for my next electro 12.

Freddy Fresh

The Pulsar-23 is a gift from God to breakbeat producers, like the people who use MPC and SP1200s. These are the machines that started hip-hop production and I’m from this school…. for hip-hop production the machine is a bomb.


The thing with live gear is that until you’ve actually tried something live, you’ve got no idea whether it’s going to sound good or not. It’s strange how some pieces of gear sound great in the studio but the body of the sound feels totally lost in a live environment. To me the Pulsar sounds monstrous live – it’s kind of shocking how heavy it sounds, which makes it fun to play with.

Soma Laboratory Pulsar-23 – maszyna perkusyjna/syntezator modularny

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