We have DIY kits available for all willing to assemble their own LYRA.

LYRA-8 – 100$

LYRA-8 DIY documentation (the last version)
LYRA-8 DIY documentation (the second DIY batch)
LYRA-8 DIY documentation (the first DIY batch)

The kits include a set of PCBs and rare ICs which might be hard to get, plus drawings and a manual. Body, knobs, screws and other standard details are not included.

The aim of these kits is to support DIY community and give a chance to get a LYRA without a queue and for a minimal price. Also, this kit allows customizing the instrument according to your taste and needs, e.g. you can assemble it as a eurorack module.

To get a DIY KIT, send your request to [email protected]
Please write “LYRA-8 DIY” in the subject. Also, in the letter please mention the country where you want the kit to be delivered so that we can figure out how much will the delivery cost.

DIY kits are aimed at experienced electronics hobbyists.
The number of available kits is limited.

Below are LYRAs assembled by the hobbyists using the DIY kits and their cool designs.

DIY LYRA-8 BY Jonas Kuhn 

DIY LYRA-4 BY Arseny Tokarev

DIY LYRA-8 by Dave Ives

DIY LYRA-8 by Pavel Tchikov

DIY LYRA-8 by Chris Calcutt, Brighton

DIY LYRA-8 by Piotr Rotkiewicz , Poland

DIY LYRA-8 by Pavel Tchikov

DIY LYRA-8 by Aren Steinbrecher


DIY LYRA-8 by Heiko Geest


Extended LYRA-8 concept



DIY LYRA-8 by Tracy Nunnery

DIY LYRA-8 by Austin Johnson

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