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Paul Nagle for SOS

The Pipe is a very responsive instrument. From it I’ve coaxed droning choirs, edgy synthetic tones, distorted, lo-fi screams and eerie melodic material I’d never have attempted with my voice otherwise. Some users will doubtless focus on the distortion and percussion, while others work on impressions of tuvan resonant singing, didgeridoos and monochords. Whatever flavour appeals, this is a new and exciting reason to stand up and perform, either live or in the studio. Recently, in any recording situation where my inspiration has started to droop, all I’ve needed to do is reach for a Pipe and the ideas start flowing.


It sounds very good right away. It is surprisingly easy to make cool drones and chant-like textures that I modulate with the knobs.
I think the Pipe is incredible, not just the sound, but that it challenges you as a musician to learn new playing techniques. Very cool!


This mouth-controlled synthesizer is the wildest instrument I’ve ever heard


Extravagantes Design und Funktion! ____________

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Review by Digital Trends


What a unique beast. I love that it doesn’t feedback. Genius. The Main issue with so many “fx” for voice is the feedback.
It’s a wonderful idea and wonderfully realized!Feels good in the hand.


The Pipe sounds fantastic! __________


The instrument was very intuitive and I managed to pick it up and get some cool stuff happening pretty quickly indeed.


I realize it is a very deep instrument, but I was able to use it very quickly.
I heard my voice in ways I never have before.


I still feel like I am building my relationship with the Pipe. It is insanely subtle and the slightest positioning of the lips really creates a whole new sound altogether.
I’m in love.

Onno Ennoson (audio & visual artist/vienna)

It’s really a lot of fun to play with the PIPE 🙂
I like it, the possibility of ‘exhausting’ while playing comes to the table if you know what i mean.
There is an aspect of ‘ElectroShamanism’ in connection with the PIPE. In this way the instrument was able to open another door…
Thx for that!


The PIPE have changed my life.

I am an amateur clarinettist, and I have been looking for a long time how I could transform the sound of my instrument. I tried different effect pedals, but I was not really satisfied.

I bought the Pipe in December 2019, and I take great pleasure in playing it, either by playing with the mouth or by plugging my clarinet into it (via a piezoelectric microphone installed on the clarinet).

Darren Sheehan

It’s such an incredibly inspiring instrument, and I’m currently using it for a lot of textures in music for a tv series due to air here in Ireland in the coming months. Thanks for all your work – this instrument is truly magnificent and is the pride of my studio!

Review by New Atlas

James Holcroft

Hi SOMA people, I just wanted to share with you some of my latest music, which features lots n lots of SOMA The PIPE (some LYRA and PULSAR in there too). The instrument is ubiquitous to the music, giving the oud and such, the environment to live in as it were. You may recognize the various algorithms including Orpheus for the almost French horn’eske drones on various pieces. Some sections are nothing but multi-tracked The PIPE. I tried to have the music transcend the tech that was used to create it, including The PIPE, but your wonderful gizmo was essential to the compositions, even the inspiration for some.

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