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Size: 103x58x17 mm

Weight: 73g (with batteries)

Power: two AAA batteries

Batteries lifetime: >300 Hours (alkaline or lithium)

Output: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.


Go to a grey jungle. Slide up the power switch. The yellow LED shows that ETHER is ready to take you to a sound journey.

Use the upper wheel (high-frequency amplification and regeneration) for focusing ETHER on the most interesting dynamical layer of sound. The stronger source the lower amplification has to be.

Use the lower wheel (volume) to mix ETHER sound with your brainwaves in the best proportion.

NOTE: in the high position of the VOLUME and AMPLIFICATION wheels ETHER may get to a self-feedback and start to produce crackles. To avoid this don’t set both wheels close to the maximum simultaneously. Use sensitive and not “deaf” headphones so you can work with low volume set.

Move, checking different points and directions in space.

Check by one or both external antenna pins different conductive objects. Touch them with your fingers. Try to use a piece of wire connected to one of the antennas for finding more cool sounds.

If you have found the Hidden Sound Treasure, stay still for a while, breathing deeply and thinking about the meaning of life…

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