Specs & manual / Pulsar-23



Short specs:

– 4 drum channels: Bass drum, Bass\Percussion, Snare drum, Cymbals\Hi-Hat

– 4 envelope generators with the unique ability to generate a sustain for the drum channels, turning them into noise\drone synthesizers.

– 4 independent loop recorders with the option for individual clocking. They record triggering events, not audio. Has possibility of quantization.

– Clock generator with an array of dividers as a very powerful tool for rhythm synthesis.

– Wide range LFO (0.1 – 5000Hz) with variable waveform.

– Shaos – a unique pseudo-random generator based on shift registers with 4 independent outputs, sample and hold and other cool features.

– FX processor with CV control incl. CV control of the entire DSP’s sample rate.

– Distortion.

– 2 CV-controlled gates.

– 2 CV-controlled VCAs.

– 2 controllable inverters.

– MIDI control and synchronization

– 4 assignable attenuators

– 2 dynamic CV sensors for CV generation

What’s in the kit:
– 22 multi-colour cables with alligator clips 65cm
– 8 multi-colour cables with alligator clips 30cm
– High-quality handmade bag for transportation

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