Dear SOMA friends,

It’s time for our next contest! This time you can win a Soma Lyra-8 signed by Vlad Kreimer himself! We want to publish a virtual Patch Book for PULSAR-23 and decided we want to involve all of you. The main goal is to help people use their PULSAR in new and interesting ways. We hope that these patch sheets will serve as starting points and building blocks for your future PULSAR tracks and sonic explorations, and that these patches will help to teach people how to use their PULSAR for the type of music they want to work on.
The best patches will be included in the official Patch Book, including audio links so you get an idea of what it sounds like. The jury consists of the Soma team.

How to participate:
Download the PULSAR template here and create your best and favorite PULSAR sounds, mark it clearly on the template then go fill out this form where you can also attach the necessary files. These are the rules:

1) PULSAR-23 has to be the main sound and modulation source
2) Clear patch drawing
3) Patch name + short written explanation of how to best sequence, trigger or use the patch musically, how it sounds and which genre it’s meant for.
4) Sound sample of your patch and/or sequence that we can permalink in your patch sheet. We will host all samples and reserve the right to edit them.


the grooviest patch
the dopest patch
the best techno patch
the best house patch
the best electro patch
the best DnB patch
the best hiphop/rap beat
the best triphop patch
the best gabber/digital hardcore patch
the best noise/drone/experimental patch
the weirdest and most unexpected patch
the best patch using strange external audio sources such as an old radio processed through P23 or a cucumber with a piece of cheese as part of an audio patch

Application deadline: 10.10.22

Date of announcement of results: 24.10.22

5 Prizes:
1 SOMA LYRA-8 signed by Vlad Kreimer himself
2 RoATs

Get patchin’ folks!

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