Main prizes:
1. Pulsar-23, 2. Lyra-8, 3. The Pipe, 4. Lyra8-FX
Additional prizes: 10 x Ethers.
You must create a track, using these samples.
How many samples you use is up to you, but the samples provided (or sounds derived from them) must be not less than 50% of the sound of the final track. You can apply any processing and editing to the samples, including the use of samplers. Additionally, you can use any acoustic or electro-acoustic instruments, including voice with or without lyrics.
However, the use of additional electronic (analogue or digital) instruments (synthesizers, drum machines etc.) is prohibited. You may use SOMA Laboratory instruments (and are encouraged to do so!), but their use will not be specially rewarded 🙂
The maximum length of your track is 3 minutes. There is no minimum length.
Musicality and creativity are the decisive factors in the jury’s vote!
Contest jury:
Richard Devine, Paul Nagle, Loopop, Dot Major, Vlad Kreimer, Grzegorz Lacek.
You are also a part of the jury – the track that received the most likes will be given one vote. So this is a possibility of making a real impact on its results! 4 songs with the highest number of votes will win!
The competition started on June 5 and ends at midnight CET on the 28th of June 2020. Results will be announced during the week following the competition.
You can read full rules and join the contest here. 
If you have no FB account you can upload your song on Youtube or any common media space and send a link to [email protected]
Take care, stay safe – and good luck!
SOMA team

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