Vlad Kreimer — founder of the laboratory, philosophy, invention, design, programming, engineering, videos,  promotion, management.

Grzegorz Lacek — Chief of EU division, EU sales, promotion, management and communications, SomaZanzibar founder.

Vadim Minkin — research, design, code, video.

Vitaly Zhidikov — Russian commercial department.

Vyacheslav Grigoryev — production technologies, RU production director.

Marta Lacek — selling of SOMA EU and questions you dream about..:)
Viktor Grigoryev — RU production, DVINA luthier,  help in the development of products design and production technology.
Thomas Lundberg — editor, proofreader, utopian linguist. Thomas’ new release.
Regina Volkova – PR, SMM and label manager, classical and electronic flutist.
Alexander Zavgorodniy — research, sound design, programming, video.
Kevin Flynn — head of SOMA US Division.
Cari Flynn — operation, customer service and marketing for SOMA US Division.
Maxim Manakov — development assistance, programming, quality control, adjustment, tech support.
Dmitriy Zakharov — quality control, adjustment, supply.
Arseniy Vasylenko — web support, translation.

Maxim Tulpakov — site administration and tech support.

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