DVINA can be the first SOMA electro-acoustic instrument. It was inspired by Hindustani classical music but European music can be also played with it, of course. The references were bowed instruments Sarangi and Dilruba (rather as a common spirit than construction). A key feature of DVINA and its sound is that there is no pickup inside. Instead, I take the electric signal DIRECTLY from the strings that vibrate in the strong magnetic field of a neodymium magnet, hidden in the neck.
DVINA has a minimalistic design – no one part can be removed without losing the functionality of the instrument.

In the video, besides DVINA I used a specially built pre-amp with a simple built-in one tap delay and a small 100$ guitar cube.

Possibilities of DVINA as a controller for a Eurorack:

The neck has length 88sm. The scale is 52sm. The weight is 1.2kg. My DVINA is tuned C#, G#, but other tunes are possible and using strings with another gauge as well. Besides the wooden part itself, an integral part of DVINA is a special built step-up transformer that gains a weak signal from the strings enough for further processing. After the transformer, the signal is ready to be put to stompboxes or a cabinet. Also, there is a specially built HQ pre-amp with one tap delay and a soft distortion in the delay’s feedback.  I used the pre-amp in the demo.

PRICE: It’s hard to say something concrete as we have no experience of  production of wooden electro-acoustic instruments. I can expect the net price for the main part (DVINA + the step-up transformer) in span 200-500 Euros. The net price for the pre-amp/delay/distortion unit is around 300 Euros.

If enough people are interested in buying the DVINA we can start production.
If you are interested please drop me an email at [email protected]
If we will decide to start the production we will calculate the exact price and inform those who expressed interest to buy DVINA.

Vlad Kreimer 01.2019