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DVINA is the first SOMA electro-acoustic instrument.

It was inspired by Hindustani and Persian classical music but European music can be also played with it, of course. A key feature of DVINA and its sound is that there is no pickup inside. Instead, I take the electric signal DIRECTLY from the strings that vibrate in the strong magnetic field of a neodymium magnet, hidden in the neck. Further, a weak signal from the strings is amplified by a custom-made transformer built into the body of Dvina to a standard level. It is very similar to the principle of a ribbon mic. This solution makes Dvina outstandingly resistant to electromagnetic interferences and makes the sound rich and clean. Dvina’s high output is ready to be directly connected to stomp boxes, guitar amps or an audio interface. DVINA has a minimalistic design – no one part can be removed without loosing the functionality of the instrument.

Dvina’s support has strap locks. So Dvina can be fixed on the artist’s body using this strap.

Dvina is available in various colors.

Vlad Kreimer 2019

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