I used QO during the concerts already 3 times, once it was pure static noise set with the little sounds from Soma Ether. Other times it was mixed with other sound sources.

Each time when i play QO to the audience, they love it and start to dance or to meditate. Also, QO sensors are very useful, it produces some extra-frequency through the noise wall, and it possible to play on it also. .For me, QO is the ideal instrument and sound-object for performances and noise concerts, in the vein of Luigi Russolo’s noise machines or Chrystal Baschet sound sculptures. This is really a ritual thing, and it can be used in many different ways: personal, on public, in a collection of unusual tools, during performances, meditations, lessons. Sure, it can be just static noise, or it helps to concentrate on some important things or devices, also it works very good with filters and very useful during the improvisational concerts. This is a magic thing, very simple and complex the same time, as the Black Square of Malevich.

Here’s a record of my yesterday set, first track contains only QO sound and a little EQ, the second one is a little QO at the beginning and then manipulations with concrete sounds and drones. I hope You will enjoy it!

I purchased a QO a few weeks ago and I have found it to be very helpful. I suffer from a neuro-muscular disorder and develop severe cramps. These are strongly tied to emotional/stress state so it’s an unfortunate feedback loop. I’ve found that attempting the QO exercise allows me to relax, and relieve cramps. I don’t know that I find it as spiritual as perhaps is intended, but it has provided me great benefit in the weeks that I’ve used it.

Thank you.

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