LYRA8-FX is an FX processor that can give you a significant part of the mysterious LYRA-8 sound.
LYRA8-FX consists of the FX section from the LYRA-8, expanded with CV controls and packed into a Eurorack module.
It contains a double modulated lo-fi delay with cross-feedback and the unique possibility of self-modulation, where the delay output signal modulates its own sample rate. Also, it packs a parallel distortion with CV control of the drive. The distortion is after the delay.
It’s much more than a delay – you can get a simple reverb, comb filter, chorus and much more cool FXs which are hard to describe.

It has a famous LYRA-8 build quality – no SMD, no twisted plastic shafts, no crappy parts.

Click on the image to download

PolarityPower connector polarity

– IN volume
– Stage 1 delay time
– Stage 2 delay time
– Stage 1 delay time modulation depth
– Stage 2 delay time modulation depth
– Delay feedback
– Delay feedback CV amount
– Delay mix
– Distortion drive
– Distortion mix
– Distortion drive CV amount

– Stage 1 delay time modulation source
– Stage 2 delay time modulation source

– Audio in
– Delay time CV
– Delay feedback CV
– Distortion drive CV

– Main audio out
– Delay only out

– Width – 20HP
– Depth – 40mm

Power consumption:
+12V – 90ma
-12V – 20ma

The net price (without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses)
220  Euros if you buy from Europian production division
170 Euros if you buy from Russian production division (now we have a sale for a limited time here)

Also, watch the first part of the demo below to see how it can process keys sound. (LYRA-8 with external IN only is the equivalent of LYRA8-FX):

You can order LYRA8-FX now. Just send your request to [email protected] with “LYRA8-FX order” in the subject line. Also, please mention the country where you want the synth to be delivered to and your phone number (it could be useful if our emails go to spam).