SOMA COSMOS Frequently Asked Questions

General note on the algorithm transitions in Cosmos:

Making possible the smooth switching between different mangling algorithms while simultaneously preserving buffer content is a very complex task.

There are more than 100 places and moments where clicks, crackles, harsh sounds etc may appear during the switching process. There are also more than 100(!) specially dedicated functions and lines of code that serve to eliminate and mask these sharp sounds.

In most cases it’s small (3-180 ms) fades and crossfades that hide the dangerous elements.

When you switch between algorithms (especially when you switch quickly from one to the next several times), it gently damages the sound similar to the sound of mechanically damaged tape.   

We personally consider these artefacts to be artistic, adding a unique character to the sound of Cosmos. Small soft gaps are unavoidable because they mask glueing points of buffers to prevent clicks.

A lot of work was spent on making smooth switching possible, and we will continue to update all firmware versions when we find improvements that we can implement in the algorithms.

Other common questions:

How do you set the endpoint of a loop in the pre-installed Main firmware Cosmos_M1.x?
There is no endpoint of the loop because there is no loop in the traditional sense. Cosmos works with delay lines. For more traditional looper behavior and features, please download the rhythmic firmware COSMOS_R1.x.smf here.
How do the delay lines interact?
Depends on the algorithm. The main idea is that data in the delays is shifted relatively to each other, plus data is exchanged between the delay lines.
How does Erase work?Algs 1-6: erases sound on the current position of buffers (what they play and what you hear)
Algs 7-12: erases sound in the complex system of buffers so you do not hear the result immediately.
How does Reverse work, does it only reverse what’s in the delay lines already or does it continue to reverse what is added as well?Both! It’s like you change the direction of a tape.
Can Cosmos have multiple firmware versions installed that you switch between?No, it can have only one firmware version at a time. If you want to switch between them quickly, the simplest way is to use two or more USB sticks that you label with the firmware version. Switching only takes a few seconds, but Cosmos needs to be shut off before installing a different firmware version.
I lost my PSU, what do I need?HQ Switched-mode power supply 12V DC, 2.1mm, centre positive polarity, 500mA or above.
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