ORNAMENT-8 is manufactured in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The net price of ORNAMENT-8 with PSU and kit of connectors  – 450  Euros
(without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses)

The net price of adapter for LYRA-8  – 40  Euros
(without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses)

*ORNAMENT and the LYRA adapter use PCBs as the top panel. The PCBs are produced in an electronic factory using standard procedures for such production. Due to this, the PCBs may have small scratches and marks of the factory production and operation. Such small defects in most cases are almost invisible without a close inspection and can’t be a reason for return or exchange of the product! Of course, seriously damaged or defective PCBs we don’t put in the further production and sales.

The net price of optional cable set with alligator clips – 50 Euros
(without VAT, shipping, customs, money transfer expenses)
65 cm cable with alligator clips — 12 pcs.
30 cm cable with alligator clips — 14 pcs.

The total price including shipping and handling to most countries, money transfer fees and VAT depends on the country of delivery. We will specify the exact price when we receive your shipping address. Please note, we can’t estimate your country’s custom fees and local duties and don’t have responsibility for your local custom processing!

For you can estimate your expenses here we provide the average price for
ORNAMENT-8(+PSU+cables)+Shipping+Handling+Insurance+Payment fees:
Central Europe = 540 Euros
USA = 645 USD (depends on exchange rate. The price is calculated for 1.19)
Taxes on the buyer side is not included and can not be estimated!!

To buy  ORNAMENT-8 please drop us an e-mail at [email protected] with the subject “ ORNAMENT-8 order” and your full name, address and mobile phone number (needed for courier delivery) in your mail. Also, please, specify if you need the LYRA-8 adapter.

As SPAM and ad filters work now very hard some of our clients can’t get our letters when their units are ready to be delivered. So we recommend to provide us with an additional way of communication (FB messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc.) that we can use if we will not be able to reach you via e-mail.   We respect your privacy and will do the utmost so that this is not be used, or distributed in any way.

Also, you could order a hand-painted ORNAMENT-8 with an exclusive design. More info is here. Available only from SOMA RU.

Payment can be made safely and securely with Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

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