ORNAMENT-8 Manual (ENG) 

ORNAMENT-8 Manual (DE) 

ORNAMENT-8 Manual (FR)

ORNAMENT-8 Manual (ES)


Number of cells8
Number of pulse converters4
Number of 3.5 mm mini-jack Eurorack adapters8
Number of contacts (inputs and outputs)78
Input and output voltage range 0‑10 volts *
Minimum cell delay time50 ms *
Maximum cell delay time50 seconds *
Maximum cell delay time at> Cv = 0 volts 5 minutes *
Supply voltage12 volt center-plus
Current Consumption10-50 ma *
Dimensions266 x 255 x 54 mm
Weight1.4 kg

*As with any analog device, there may be a small variance in actual values.

ORNAMENT-8 — 1 pc.
Power supply 12v 1a — 1 pc.
Male‑male power cord — 1 pc.
65 cm cable with alligator clips — 12 pcs.
30 cm cable with alligator clips — 14 pcs.

Additionally, you can purchase:
Sensor overlay for LYRA‑8 sensors
Optional cable set with alligator clips

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