SOMA European Division

We have good news: the European division of SOMA is now open for business, and our production capacity has therefore increased dramatically! So we hope to fulfil the LYRA waiting list (with more than 1,400 pre-orders) in 6 months, instead of one year as was previously indicated.

Our new partner:
Sound Machines Sp. z o.o., Poland, under the exclusive agreement with Vlad Kreimer and SOMA Laboratory, Russia will jointly produce, distribute and sell musical instruments, including primarily the LYRA-8 organismic synthesizer.
The production, distribution, and sale by SES Sp. z o.o. is first of all aimed at the European market (where most SOMA clients reside). However, both EU and RU SOMA departments will operate and ship worldwide.

Of course, our priority is to deliver all pre-orders ASAP!

SOMA EU email: [email protected] – SOMA RU/worldwide: [email protected]

While working to realize EU production our first goal was to maintain both the low price and the excellent level of quality. We succeeded! The EU LYRA-8 will still be assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality along with CE compliance, and the final cost for our EU customers will be very close to Russian supply.

EU and RU net prices for the LYRA-8 are slightly different due to Euro\USD\Ruble rates changes . Also, European customers must pay VAT, but there are no more customs duties. We can use cheap money transfer such as SEPA and shipping is several times cheaper. So the final price ends up being the same for EU buyers. Plus you have European warranty and much shorter lead times.

For US customers with current Euro\USD rate EU supply is more expensive than from RU. But lead time from EU now is shorter. Also, any   SOMA customer has a possibility to switch his order  between the divisions.

With production now finally being established, it means that I will have time to return to the laboratory to work on new musical gear. So stay tuned for new SOMA instruments 🙂

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