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    Hi Jon,

    Are you connecting your Pulsar to an audio interface? If so, this explanation is likely applicable:

    BD and BASS have 5V bias voltage on their pins. This was done to avoid cutting low frequencies on those channels and let user decide on using High-Pass Filter of his own choosing.

    Your audio interface probably doesn’t filter bias voltage on its own, it basically wants signals with bias voltage around 0V. However it’s getting constant 5 volts + BD/BASS signal, which causes pre-amp oversaturation and results in signal distortion.

    The easiest way to get proper signal is to send BD/BASS signal through 10uF capacitor and then connect it to interface’s input. You can also send it through external High-Pass filter.

    You can try and simulate this effect by
    connecting BD OUT to pin-minijack converter through an element on Pulsar described as “10”. The filtering will occur and it depends on input impedance of Your audio interface, but distortions from oversaturating preamp should disappear.

    If this does not apply to your user case, please contact Soma tech support at [email protected]

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