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    As much as I love RoAT (and I really do!), individual / separate volume adjustment would be a wonderful addition to the device’s features. Especially when one oscillator influences an other one, it would be awesome if the amount of influence could be adjusted. For example, the FM algorithm in most cases produces a lot of mess (which can be a good thing of course, nevertheless it would be wonderful if it would be possible to route only let’s say 10% of the signal into the other signal). For me personally, I find most sweet spots when an oscillator is not at full volume (for example via attack / decay, or volume LFOs), but of course due to the nature of att/dec/lfos, those sweet spots become very temporally limited…

    If at any time there will be a RoAT v2, I think individual volume adjustment would be the most valuable upgrade <3 As said, nevertheless I love RoAT as it is and will happily continue digging for sweet spots 🙂

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