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    Hey 🙂
    Thank you for your response.

    1. I’m already aware of this function and even used it quite often. But in a live situation it is a different story, if I load a scale from a preset (with the tuning of the root of the preset), or if I have already 1 note tuned (say pad 1) and then select a scale on which the consecutive note pads get tuned. Also, especially with microtonal scales, it would be just more convenient to use an editor on a computer, where one could actually type in a numerical ratios or frequencies. I use terra a lot in live situations (mostly improvised experimental music) and find the tuning process very limiting, as it needs a lot of time and can’t be really done live. Having a small repertoire (6 slots) of ready-made scales I can use over 1 defined root note within the preset would help a lot.

    2. I tried it so many times, even after the last update. I just can’t get a smooth glissando between two low velocity notes, even when I “fade out” the other one. As soon as I release the first pressed note (even though I just barely touch it by then) I get a pitch jump. As said, the glissando work perfect when I go on full contact with both notes.

    Besides all of that, thank you for the last update. Tap tempo for the echo, Omnichord and the pitch down options are amazing features! :))

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