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    That’s wonderful news!

    Sure you all have a few departments already covered (accounting, legal, marketing, sales, & possibly executives in mind). Feel like a lot of small labels fall apart while note considering promotions, media, A&R, and a dedicated publicist.

    Often leaving 1 person to act as manager, promoter, agent, video director, graphic designer, PR officer, radio plugger, A&R, accountant, lawyer, distributor, webmaster, travel agent, secretary and errand person!

    Gathering people to help with  the public relations and advertising seem to be the downfall of most small labels. Unless primarily focused on smaller releases on bandcamp.

    Will artist come with unsolicited material that needs to be mastered? Will the label have a exclusive mastering engineer?

    As for the content to be released, will it be a certain lane/genre or compilations?

    Will artist have a say so in promotional spending?

    Signed artist might work under  a single release contract, or will the label look to acquire a few select artist to be signed for several releases?

    How will earning be split between artist and label?


    Don’t’ expect answers to all of these, just throwing things out to be discussed.


    Excited for this, and will be glad to lend a hand as part of the team or as a Artist!

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