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Anders Børup

    What a delight to receive feedback. Thank you!

    The stones and minerals are more or less randomly picked. I tend to collect stones that I like. I have an old microscope and a microscope USB-camera that fits into a standard microscope tube. Because a traditional microscope has a very narrow depth of field, I get these lines of sharpness when I focus in/out. Something glittering/transparent is by far the easiest to get image from when using the microscope.

    After recording different stones, I created the video in Final Cut X – using different blending modes, finding the right clips to match and fit the music.

    I always create videos this way: First the music: always improvisation + only a bit of mixing/editing afterwards. Then the video:  Images/footage/a story inspired by the music + heavy editing to make it fit – an improvised beginning with iterations and experimentation moving towards a tight integration with the music – while still leaving plenty of ’empty spaces’ for the viewer and myself to make sense of it.

    Here are three other videos: 

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