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      Hi there,

      I love my Pulsar-23, it sounds great, it plays great, the pins are very cool with the touch playability.

      One idea I had after watching the documentary about the birth of the P-23 on youtube, seeing the 4 sounds are on individual PCBs – SOMA should introduce alternative sound PCBs !

      I imagine an alternative BD based on a sign, less aggressive, an SD based on a sample, or even voice where the user can load 16 samples.

      Then it should be as simple as opening the back, swapping the PCB and closing the lid again.

      For advanced users perhaps, but it would open up the P-23 for customization. More sounds, more better!

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        That’s actually a great idea, +1 on that

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        Dieter Herten

          Great Idea. I love my black Pulsar 23 very much and it would also very nice that we could store e.g. Drone Soundscapes or actuell setups in the Pulsar itself, to be able to reproduce them in a Live performance. I use an Octatrack MK2 as Master in combination with a Pulsar (in Midi Mode). They are great compangions but for live you cannot reproduce what you have created before and you play more than one song over time.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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