BD Wave Reset? Hard Sync Reset, Is it possible?

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      <div>So I absolutely adore my Pulsar 23.. but whilst making techno/trance one thing has always sounded off: the BD. I now know why.. the waveform does not Reset like a hard sync in like a classic BD on almost every other drum machine does. This makes it so that every kick is not only slightly different but occurs at a different point of the waveform (every-time) different which is quite terrible if not unusable for 4 on the floor genres.</div>
      <div>I do not see a hard sync in so i figure it is impossible to reset the wave form. Is this correct? Is there any other way to reset the wave form? If NO why ? Did y’all not create this machine with modern music or 4 on the floor genres in mind? What accounts for such an essential oversight of design? I cannot imagine that y’all did not think that 4/4 genres would be important for a drum machine.</div>
      <div>Any sorta work around or anyway to reset the wave form would be much appreciated.. maybe a mod? I do not know.. but i am hoping that y’all have thought of a solution here.. if not i cannot believe it.. simply the greatest oversight on an otherwise amazing drum machine possible..</div>

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      Patate le mage

        It’s the same issue with the Kicks on the tempest.

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        Patate le mage

          It seems that if you connect the OMG! and the trig in, it solves the problem, at least for my hearing.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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