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      This thread/Topic is being started as a means for users to share their w.i.p. (works in progress) with the Soma Community.

      Please offer constructive criticism, or feedback to 1-3 post prior to replying with your own work. Offering advice, and thoughts to others not only supports the community but yourself as well.

      While original material is cool, we all like our influences! If you are posting a remix, please offer a link to the original song. Also only post your material, ie no songs a friend started.

      Please format your thread/reply titles as such:

      [Describe what it is] ArtistTrack Title

      [Describe] = example

      [Mixdown/Mastering] Alen Menken –  Prologue Pt. 1, Beauty & the Beast

      This will make it easier for users to comment on aspects of what is being presented.

      Thanks for sharing, and as I am not an affiliated member of Soma these rules mean nothing, but would be nice if we could all work together so the team doesn’t have to moderate the interactions!

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        [Mixdown/Edit_v1] <span class=”soundTitle__usernameText”>±vMcÇ</span> Alien Diverticulitis [0of1]

        Would like any thoughts about any aspect of the mixdown. Does anything standout or cause ear fatigue? Or any thoughts would be appreciated.

        Pretty close to finishing this up, truly helped to find Soma along the way!

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          Lol guess the interest in the record label, and sharing songs went away with the contest! Oh well..

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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