Connector post slightly bent – problem?

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      Firstly – what an amazing machine, so thoroughly thought through!

      I got a used pulsar, and noted that one of the connector posts (one of the clock divider outputs) is slightly bent.

      Because of this the post has made contact with the side of the chassis opening (or maybe not – the heavy paint layer is perhaps still insulating) . The clock signal is still coming out fine, but I’m curious as to whether this might be a problem? (since post-bending is quite likely to happen some time again during the lifetime of this machine).

      I reckon this would only pose a problem if the chassis is grounded and the signal therefore shorted to ground? Is the chassis grounded or free floating?

      Also, is it recommended to try to bend the post back?

      Again, thanks for making these fantastic instruments!

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        The chassis is, in fact, grounded and we don’t count paint as insulation (it is non-conductive but we don’t rely on that), so there is a possibility of short circuit in the future. One of solutions is bending the pin back, but it isn’t reliable method. The second one is opening Pulsar, make the pin a little loose and rotate it a little (sometimes it touches enclosure in one axis, but doesn’t in other). The third option is replacing the pin, but in order to do that the whole Pulsar must be disassembled, so that option would be a lot of work and would require you to send it to one of our service centers.

        If you’d like to discuss the issue further with Soma customer support, please send an email to [email protected] with this problem description and your location.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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