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    Updated: July 11, 2020

    Hello Friends,

    As many of us around the world are experiencing domestic lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic. The Airline Industry and Postal Networks worldwide are experiencing similar restrictions and at times have halted operations or limited them to a crawl. Other inconveniences like lack of airport staff, personnel at customs, sorting centers, and hubs to limiting your local postman culminate into traffic and delays. We try to keep updated on all related news and try to let customers know what to expect, yet as many understand the situation is somewhat unpredictable. The good news is that EMS/Russian Post is planning to open up for business as usual within the next few weeks and our delivery service should go back to normal as before with excellent speed and reliability. If you plan to place an order now it should go rather smooth. For a few of our present customers that are experiencing delays from Russia, we express our apologies for your inconvenience and despite the delay your package will arrive safe and sound very soon ! For our EU customers some postal services(DHL, etc) may already be operating normally depending on where you are.

    If you have any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.



    Thank You,

    Stay Safe and Happy!

    Your SOMA Team

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    My Pulsar-23 has been sitting with EMS at the airport in Russia (shipping to Australia) for 30 days now with no movement … 🙁

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    Hi Lee, due to the ever-changing situation with govt regulations and airlines because of Covid-19, all postal services worldwide experience delays, sometimes short, sometimes very long, and we have no influence on them especially if your package is delayed at an international junction like an airport warehouse/hub. Despite this, most packages do arrive within our estimated time frames and in rare cases they dont. We apologize for these awkward  times and thank you for your patience and understanding. If you require further and personal information, please write to us directly [email protected]

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    hi soma team, is there still delayed issues or is it back to normal ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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