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      Hello everyone.

      Just wondering what brand type of headphones you are using with Quantum Ocean?

      I have been using the Sony MDR-7506 as they are sort of the unofficial standard here for the tracking/studio work I use them for.

      I have been using them exclusively with my QO work and sessions daily.  I was however wondering that maybe a better set of headphones may continue to enhance the the continued positive results I have been getting with my QO work?

      I have read in the manual that Vlad has suggested the Koss porta pro, or a good Sennheiser headphone.  Basically any professional studio headphone that doesn’t have a screaming midrange. I understand this. The Sony’s I have are good but…..

      I was considering this one from Neumann:

      The Neumann NDH-20:


      This model has been designed and is manufactured in collaboration with Sennheiser as they are the parent company to Neumann.

      Anyone have any experience with this one?

      If not, can anyone please share what headphones you are currently using with your QO sessions?

      I appreciate your advice and suggestions very much!

      Thank you so much for your time and help!


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        I use a pair of Etymotic Research ER4XR ear buds with the QO and they sound fantastic. The ER4XRs are really small reference quality ear buds, as I don’t really dig over-ear devices, but they have to be worn deep in your ears to get true bass response. Basically, you need to put them in like ear plugs, which some people don’t dig, but I find them incredibly comfortable, tiny, and sound amazing with just about any source, the QO definitely included.

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          Thank you so much Nekoj for your response and your suggestion.

          I will look into these along with the other’s I’m researching.

          Best wishes to you in your QO work!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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