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      Hello Friends,

      We’ll attempt to compile frequently asked questions here as we receive them. If you have any questions, tips or such please feel free to reply to this post, and we’ll add them as we go, thanks : )


      • When I connect external audio signal to EXT pins of BASS, SD or HHT modules I hear external signal normally but the BASS, SD or HHT audio becomes very quiet, can barely be heard. Is my Pulsar 23 malfunctioning or am I missing something?
      The EXT IN in pin on all Pulsar channels works according to the principle of balance of input and output impedance. The ratio of it defines the mix between module\ext signals.
      So when you connect something to an EXT IN, the sound of the module significantly decreases cause mixing starts to work.
      The BD channel has a different chain than the rest of the modules because it has a waveshaper at the end instead of a resonant filter.
      All EXT INs are connected before the filter and only in BD the IN is connected before the waveshaper.
      That is why it works with EXT signal in another way and has another input impedance and mixing.
      However, in the BD channel, you can significantly change the mix of EXT\module sounds using the DRIVE knob.
      Also, you can significantly change mixing in any module by changing the output impedance of the EXT signal source. (try to use the Attenuators)




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        Доброго времени суток, уважаемая редакция!
        Житель Санкт- Петербурга передает вам следующий вопрос: как отвязать midi назначения или, попросту, сбросить их? Мануал прочитан, ответ не найден.

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          I have the same question as above

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            Pulsar is tricking me with midi!!!
            In the beginning all midi connection worked perfect:

            ch.1 – BD, ch.2-BASS, ch.3-SN, ch.4-HH

            But recently Pulsar stoped responding to previous (above) midi setup and triggers All modules from midi ch.1 simultaneously.

            By some manipulations with LRN buttons I tried to separate some of the models and tried to assign them to their corresponding number (channel) but still no result. If BASS and HH modules responded to midi info from ch.2 and ch.4, BD started to copy the midi info of ch.4 and SN module triggered against, not in time with midi info ch.3

            How to bring it back to midi sanity and what went wrong?

            I use Octatrack MKii and Ableton 10 and AudioFuse rev2


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              From the manual:

              To clear all learned MIDI functions, simultaneously press the LRN buttons of BD, BASS,
              SD and HHT modules (the four buttons at the bottom).

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                Thank You! It did help. Midi communication is back.

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                  Можно ли использовать MIDI-конвертор Pulsar-23, как преобразователь MIDI-сообщений из DAW (например Reaper) в источник сигналов Gate и 1 v/oct? Если да, то как настроить такое преобразование?

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                  Anthony Paul


                    I cant seem to copy and paste from banks on Pulsar following the steps am I missing something or might there be something a miss with my Pulsar Unit ?

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                      Please remember the channels you wish to copy to must be in REC mode to accept any copying. It will also only copy for as long as you are holding down the copy/paste command. If you’re still have issues getting it to work feel free to email [email protected] and we can schedule a video call to sort it out.

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                        Hi Guys

                        Thanks a million for the speedy reply . Great let me give it another go.

                        I will get back asap.


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                          for some reason clearimg the learned midi functions (by simultaneously pressing all four LRN buttons on the bottom) doesn’t work anymore. It used to work in the past, but not anyome. Is there any work around for this or is there an issue with my unit? help would be appreciated


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                            To clear the MIDI memory if pressing the 4 buttons doesn’t work, you need to remove the flat round battery for about 10 seconds and then put it back. First unplug your Pulsar from its PSU and make sure it’s powered off.

                            You access the battery by unscrewing the 8 screws on the back and gently lifting up the back plate. Locate the battery and take it out. Wait 10 seconds before putting it back. Return the back plate and the 8 screws and you’re all set.

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                              Below are some common questions we get from new Pulsar owners:

                              TS or TRS, main output balanced or unbalanced?
                              Pulsar has unbalanced outputs, so as a rule of thumb it’s better to use TS jacks. The ground is carried by the sleeve of the TS jack, while the tip is carrying the signal, so no additional cables are needed, although if you connect something with crocodile clips you have to connect the grounds of the devices, because crocodile carries only signal and no ground. The sound that you route to individual out will not be removed from main out. All outputs are mono, in case of headphones it is the same signal going to both left and right channels.

                              Glitchy BASS or BD channel, individual outputs not working correctly with audio interface/mixer.
                              BD and BASS have 5V bias voltage on their pins. This was done to avoid cutting low frequencies on those channels and let the user decide on using a High-Pass Filter of their own choosing. Some audio interfaces don’t filter bias voltage on their own, it basically wants signals with bias voltage around 0V. However it’s getting a constant 5 volts + BD/BASS signal, which causes preamp oversaturation and results in signal distortion.

                              The easiest way to get a proper signal is to send the BD or BASS signal through Pulsar’s 10uF capacitor and then connect it to the interface’s input. You can also send it through an external High-Pass filter.

                              Are the 6 jack outputs hotter than the main out?
                              Yes. These outputs have no amplifiers or attenuators. If it’s too hot for your mixer, use the Pulsar attenuators.

                              EXT Inputs not working like MIX IN
                              When you connect an external signal to EXT IN pin in any channel, it basically adds it to the channel’s  waveform. So it’s a very simple mixer. This happens before envelope VCA, so you won’t hear anything unless you trigger the desired channel. Also, please note that in some channels external signal could dominate over the original waveform, so it’s better to connect it through an attenuator.

                              When triggering from Eurorack module, I don’t get full velocity
                              Pulsar requires 10V for full velocity, Eurorack typically sends 5V. You have to boost the signal, not just offset the range to 5-10V. You have to be able to send 0-10V. You can use PULSAR-23 UTILITIES for this purpose.

                              Hanging voices
                              Clock tempo at its minimum setting can cause voices to hang. Increase the tempo beyond its minimum setting to stop hanging voices.

                              Is It normal that when I power up the Pulsar, the SD module takes longer time to play and hear the sound than the BD, Bass and HH modules?
                              Yes. The SD module requires 20-60 seconds after powering on Pulsar before it will work correctly.

                              SD double trigger/SD sounds broken
                              The SD module has a snare drum and a clap sound: the CLAP function creates a clap sound by splitting the attack of the sound. With CLAP knob at max setting can cause it to miss short hits especially when you repeatedly tap the ADD sensor. Reduce the CLAP knob to 50-70%.

                              PULSAR-23 in-depth explanation SNARE DRUM the clap is explained at 2:40

                              CLAP function on the SD module unresponsive to triggers or gates
                              The clap parameter is only triggered by the ADD sensor or MIDI. It responds only to high note velocities (from 113 to 127), below that the Clap function doesn’t activate. Touching the ADD sensor is equivalent to sending a note with maximum velocity, that’s why Clap always triggers in this manner.

                              Why do the VCAs and INV always send a current?
                              It’s normal, the offset is needed in order to work with Pulsar correctly. You can eliminate the offset by using a capacitor on Pulsar.

                              Bass drum phasing
                              Pulsar-23 is set to classic Pulsar mode when it comes from the factory. This is normal and intended behaviour in order to create a more lively moving kick sound. The effect is caused by the absence of waveform retriggering in the BD generator.

                              If you would like the waveform to retrigger for each hit, this is possible by flipping a switch on the BD board inside Pulsar. To access the switch, unplug Pulsar from power, remove the eight screws on the back, lift up the backplate and locate the BD PCB inside. The switch is located in a corner. Flip the switch to the up position, marked as STAB. The BD oscillator will now restart on each BD trigger, resulting in an identical kick sound.

                              MIDI clicking noise at very low volume levels
                              This clicking sound is normal in Pulsar – it is typical when Attack time is at minimum. It results in a really sharp transient of the envelope that modulates BD sound which results in a click. Distortion/drive emphasises it. Those audible clicks are normal and present in every unit. They are gate signal sharp rising and falling edges bleeding to the audio channels. Clicks appear only in Pulsar’s internal mixer, so they shouldn’t be present on the channel’s OUT pin or for external mixing.

                              MIDI stop/start not working
                              Pulsar 23 does not manage midi start/stop. In external midi mode it starts as soon as it receives a running clock so the behaviour depends on the sequencer that controls it. Some send the clock only while the sequencer is running (like Ableton) others send continuously the clock while they’re on (like Elektrons, 505, etc) so it will trigger the Pulsar as soon as it is connected and turned on.

                              MIDI problem with Elektron DIGITAKT
                              Pulsar doesn’t work properly with Digitakt AUTO midi channel enabled. It needs to be turned off.

                              MIDI problem with OXI One or Torso T1
                              Make sure all other MIDI channels are muted, except the one you want to control the Pulsar voice with. When learning a midi track on the Pulsar, all other midi tracks have to be muted. So for example if you want the kick drum module to learn Track 1 in multitrack mode then you have to simply mute all other tracks on the multitrack grid first, then you can proceed with learning that track and it works like a charm! These sequencers are doing something in the background that confuses Pulsar, hence why you have to mute each track.

                              I want to buy a new PSU, what do I need?
                              DC 12V, center positive polarity (plus in the center), 2.1mm barrel, 0.5A or higher, high-quality switching power supply

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