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    Hello Friends,

    We’ll attempt to compile frequently asked questions here as we receive them. If you have any questions, tips or such please feel free to reply to this post, and we’ll add them as we go, thanks : )


    • When I connect external audio signal to EXT pins of BASS, SD or HHT modules I hear external signal normally but the BASS, SD or HHT audio becomes very quiet, can barely be heard. Is my Pulsar 23 malfunctioning or am I missing something?
    The EXT IN in pin on all Pulsar channels works according to the principle of balance of input and output impedance. The ratio of it defines the mix between module\ext signals.
    So when you connect something to an EXT IN, the sound of the module significantly decreases cause mixing starts to work.
    The BD channel has a different chain than the rest of the modules because it has a waveshaper at the end instead of a resonant filter.
    All EXT INs are connected before the filter and only in BD the IN is connected before the waveshaper.
    That is why it works with EXT signal in another way and has another input impedance and mixing.
    However, in the BD channel, you can significantly change the mix of EXT\module sounds using the DRIVE knob.
    Also, you can significantly change mixing in any module by changing the output impedance of the EXT signal source. (try to use the Attenuators)




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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