This is the first artistic collective of SOMA Laboratory in South America. Their goal is to experiment with the machines and sounds that SOMA Lab delivers and add them to our audiovisual, musical and other art disciplines that they use to express themselves. As a community SOMA AXON seek to strengthen ties with local artists, share these experiences, accompany them and collaborate in their creative processes.

The name AXÓN is inspired by the scientific meaning of the word. Just as the SOMA is the cell body of a neuron, the AXON is its extension. As if they were cables coming out of a machine, axons connect our entire body, sending and collecting fundamental information for the unity of our sensitive system. The SOMA – AXON design is the analogy that collective use to describe how we are connected to each other, as well as how OPERATOR and MACHINE are connected too.

SOMA is the place from where we nurture our creations and, at the same time, we return our creations to it, feeding back a system that has no end. It is a space that is constantly growing, open to other creators who want to be part of this community.

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