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    I understand the die-hard philosophy behind this to encourage playability…but the inability to add Terra’s unique live expression whilst midi notes are triggered via a sequencer seems very restrictive.

    With free-flowing ambient music, it’s great to lose yourself in the long and intricate expressions of Terra…easy for recording the full performance.

    BUT…with a bassline/percussions etc…the expressions are so delicate, that to concentrate playing in time AND adding expression is tough – esp with the supersensitive sensors over keys. To have the ability to trigger just notes, then expressions can be recorded live, would be amazing…and many, many people, given the option, would want to do this.

    And I know…a lot of ‘real’ instruments are recorded live on the fly, but it’s a bit like having the pulsar 23 without no midi in. We could play all the drums in-time, manually without a sequencer…but it would just be a time-consuming vibe-killer.

    Anyhow, I love this machine…just a shame about the lack of flexibility in this area.

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