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    Hi Funktree,

    Thanks for your post. We really appreciate your passion for Terra! The feedback from the community about Terra has been one of the highlights for us, that people feel so invested in the instrument and want to improve it makes us truly happy.

    The truth is that each and every suggestion submitted on this forum (and even on Modwiggler:) and via email to us is run by Vlad and the design team. They make a note of it and see what is possible to implement. All user feedback has already enhanced Terra a lot, as you can see in the firmware history notes:

    The truth is also that Terra is incredibly complex, so some changes that may seem like they would be simple to implement, in reality aren’t that straight-forward due to how Terra works. It can’t really be compared to any other synth, it’s designed differently from the ground up, from a technical point of view.

    So please keep submitting your ideas here or via email to [email protected], because users do come up with new ideas that we had not thought of yet. And then we do our best to implement that which is possible to do in future firmware updates!

    -the Soma team

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