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    Thanks for quick response.

    How about creating new engines, is it a  steep curve to write an engine ? I have some embedded C/atmelxx/ ESPxx coding experience, and plenty of sound design skills. I Do understand that translating the capacitive  touch properly to have the right attack and plenty of expression after the initial hit is very complex and well done on Terra  You guys achieved almost  0-ms latency.

    What else besides signing NDA do I need to do to  help you with new engines ? The Bass/Solo engines are pretty weak compared to poly and experimental which are awesome.

    Terra has incredible opportunities and I know b/c I own ALL the expressive controllers that are out there (besides continuum that is too expensive) I own: LinnStrument, some Roli boxes, Osmose, KeithMCmillen, Push2, Medusa (what a story)  and most of my keys have poly after touch…. I do create patches almost daily (not for public yet:)

    The concept that you introduced with Cosmos by having 4 firmwares is genius and instantly I have 4 pieces of hardware. I hoped for same paradigm carry for Terra. Especially with engines,..  Am I too far with my dreams ?

    BTW I was on original list for Terra before ti even hit beta stage 🙂 I knew it would be a bomb especially with touch of romantic engineering 🙂

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